• wooden walls convey warmth and comfort

    building material wood has excellent properties in the matter of building physics.

  • development phase of a framehouse
    floor plans designed and configured to meet customer wishes.
  • wood as a massiv bulding material

    wood - massiv and static powerful!

  • steel beams

    steelbeams support static requirements.

  • attica at the roof of a framehouse

    premounted elements for dust-less and low noise fitting.

  • feel-good framehouse

    feel-good bulding material wood provides moisture controled walls and optimal room climate and noies reduction.

  • Assembling the windows

    the next step: assembling of the glas elements.

  • suction cups

    huge suction cups lift the huge windows!

  • window work is finished

    XXXL-window measures over 10 meters! that´s real huge!!!